Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Content Cleaning - Lego Table

After most water or fire losses that SERVPRO is called to require our production technicians to remove contents from the home or business and store at our facil... READ MORE

Animal Fallout Cleaning

Have animals taken over your attic? Do you need help cleaning up their mess? SERVPRO can do just that. This homeowner found a leftover party disaster. Some unwe... READ MORE

Secondary Growth Remediation

A resident had a roof leak on their property causing water damage. The roof was fixed by an unknown company but moisture was still present in the home. Months p... READ MORE

Garage Door Trim Repair

SERVPRO was called to the scene of a home with Garage door damage. The homeowner had accidentally driven their vehicle into the Garage door damaging the trim. A... READ MORE

Garage Door Vehicle Collision

Amazon delivery truck made contact with a homeowners garage door after thinking the vehicle was in reverse rather than drive. The owner wanted the garage secure... READ MORE

No job too big

There is no job too big for the SERVPRO of Vermilion County crews. After a large hail and wind storm hit our area, our highly trained franchise professionals w... READ MORE

Water damage is not always visible

Water damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Carpeted flooring with padding under it can hold more water than one might think. If the carpet is soggy, c... READ MORE

What is under your area rug?

SERVPRO of Vermilion County was called out to clean carpet in a home. The front room also had an area rug that needed to be cleaned. The area rug had sat in th... READ MORE

Let It Shine, Let It Shine , Let It Shine...........

We at SERVPRO of Vermilion County, love a cleaning challenge. So ,when we were called and asked to give an estimate to clean a floor of course we said, "Yes!" ... READ MORE